Fall of Eve – If Even Angels Fall

Mallard Productions have worked with Fall of Eve on several occasions and this was the fourth music video we have produced for them.

Shot over a two day period in a disused church in Ardorssan, the music video provided an interesting lighting challenge due to the size and fact there was no mains power in the church hall itself.  As we were shooting at night and wanted the huge stainglass windows back lit we needed to raise two generator powered 2K lights high enough to project a constant light through the windows.  It was the first time we made use of our new Rayzr 7″ 300 fresnel and it fitted in really well amongst some of the more traditional lighting rigs that we had.

We also wanted the music video to have a light haze but were keen for this not to be too ‘smokey’ so some time was needed to let the haze dissipate enough to get the right look for the video.  Finally, there wasn’t really enough room for us to attempt to use a crane for some of the more dramatic shots so we used a gimbal mounted to a drone.

The music video was released in March 2017.


Client Fall of Eve
Date October 2017
File under Music Video

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