In 2016 Mallard Productions were asked to produce a film for the Benholm Group about their Nordik Green Moss installations.

Benholm produce intricate feature walls designed with naturally occurring moss.  The Scandinavian Cladonia Stellaris moss, commonly known as Reindeer Moss is harvested by hand from the forest floor in Norway, which was our first filming location.

We travelled over to Rendalen to experience the picking first hand, and spent some time filming the staff picking the moss in the Noreweigan woodland. We had a bit of fun conducting interviews as the crew didn’t speak any Norwegian.

The next stop was Benholm in Falkirk, where the moss is designed, treated and prepared.  Here we filmed the entire process.  Finally, we visited a selection of Benholm’s customers to see what they thought of their moss wall installations. The film was then added to Benholm’s Youtube page and their website.

Client Benholm
Date October 2017
File under Business

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