Bells Pies

We were asked to produce a series of films for the Bells Food Group.  Each film focused on one of Bells’ key selling points. These included their people, pastry and of course, their Pies.

This particular film focuses on the production process of the pies and shows off the range they have on offer, as well as the scale of production at their factory in the rural town of Schotts. The films are currently on display for visitors to the factory and are also showcased on their website.

We have now gone on to produce several more films for Bells, including an infographics animation to showcase some Bells statistics.  As a company we are quite well known within the Scottish baking industry and have been working with Scottish Bakers for the past few years.  The Scottish baking community is a really great family and it’s fascinating for us to get up close to see how the nation’s favourite pies are put together.

Client Bells Food Group
Date October 2017
File under Food & Drink

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