The Elizabethan Session Documentary

Mallard Productions were commissioned to produce a documentary on ‘The Elizabethan Sessions’.  The idea was to put eight leading folk musicians under one roof for a week with the aim of creating an album worth of material inspired by the Elizabethan age.

The film was split into three segments.  The first section included filming at a farm house where the group were based.  We also conducted a few interviews with the musicians around the house and filmed them as they rehearsed and put together different arrangements.

The second part of filming involved a live performance at Cecil Sharp House, where the octet debuted their new material.Finally we went behind the scenes to film the recording of their album at The Old Palace at Hatfield House.

The film is now available to watch online, and you can also see the footage from the live performances.

Client Folk By The Oak
Date October 2015
File under Promo

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