Big Partnership – St. Enoch Centre

Mallard Productions have worked on a variety of projects for the UK digital and PR agency The Big Partnership.  These include different PR campaigns, events and promotional videos for some of their clients.

This short video focuses on an activity in the St. Enoch Shopping Centre in Glasgow. This has been a regular location for us over the last ten years and we have filmed here for STV, Glasgow City Marketing Bureau, British Heart Foundation and a number of other companies and organisations.

This particular film concentrates on a new art installation titled ‘Your City, Your Words’ that was being added to the St. Enoch Centre.  It was officially opened on June 22nd 2017 by Glasgow’s Lord Provost, Eva Bolander and included a performance by musician Karina McHugh.  Among the works of art was a piece created by Glasgow born artist Jacki Parry.

We picked a few different locations for interviews where the background and lighting was good and added some of our own lighting.  We also had to be careful to pick somewhere with good acoustics as the shopping centre can get quite busy and loud at times.

Since this project we have gone on to work with the Big Partnership on several more occasions.


Client Big Partnership
Date October 2017
File under PR & Advertising

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