Event Films

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If you’re hosting an event then why not have it captured on film?

 A short promo video can really help to give potential attendees a flavour of what to expect.  It can be a great marketing tool and can boost the level of attendees in the future.

If you wish to have your event recorded and made available for watching later, as part of a DVD, Blu Ray or online video then we can do that too.  We can also provide live streaming services so that people all around the world can watch your event in real time.  If you are requiring Audio/Visual services and need multiple cameras to feed live screens or TVs then we can supply all the necessary crew and equipment.

Over the years we have filmed hundreds of events, including conferences, sporting tournaments, award shows and music festivals.  Feel free to have a look at a small selection of some of the events that we have filmed in the past and if you would like to get in contact to find out what we can do for you at your event we would be delighted to hear from you.