Conferences - 1

Scotland is well known as a fantastic conference destination and Glasgow in particular has played host to hundreds of events.

If you are looking to have your conference professionally filmed then that’s something we can help with. We can supply multiple cameras so that you can have your event recorded from different angles, wireless tie clip, handheld or table top microphones so that all the speakers can be heard clearly, and also vision mixing services if you want your event to be edited live.

There are other options too. If you would like we can have your conference streamed live on the internet so anyone can watch from anywhere in the world. Or alternatively we can send the feed to TV screens so that people can watch in other rooms if capacity in a certain place is a little bit tight. If you need a quick turnaround then we can provide you with an edit shortly after the event has finished so that you can keep the ‘buzz’ of the conference going.

"From initial discussions through filming to the editing process, Mallard provided a highly professional service. The staff are excellent offering advice when appropriate and responding positively to the challenges of filming a live event" Dr. Simon Gilmour, Society of Antiquities