Scottish Italian Awards

Over the last three years Mallard Productions have produced a series of films involving celebrity chefs to coincide with the national Scottish Italian Awards.

The first year involved a Mallard crew following multi michelin star chef Jean Christophe Novelli as he surprised head chefs in various restaurants around Scotland and invited them to make their signature dish.  The winner was then unveiled at the annual Scottish Italian Awards.

Due to the documentary style of the films, the Mallard crew had to work quickly and think on their feet.  The crew included two camera operators and a boom operator.

The second year featured Italian celebrity chef Aldo Zilli, who was brought in to critique the Scottish Italian Pizza and Pasta chefs.  As you can see from the video, Aldo did his best to keep all the contestants on their toes.

Client Scottish Italian Awards
Date October 2015
File under Food & Drink

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