Sports - 1

We can provide full crews and equipment with everything you need to have your sports event recorded, shown live on screens, streamed live on the internet or broadcast around the world. We have a huge selection of equipment at our disposal including multiple cameras, vision mixers, microphones and monitors.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your event is. We have experience filming events in motorsports, football, athletics, cycling, rugby, basketball, tennis, badminton, squash and cricket to name a few. We’ve been heavily involved in some of the UK’s largest sporting events, and were proud to provide official film coverage for the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games OC.

"From initial discussions through filming to the editing process, Mallard provided a highly professional service. The staff are excellent offering advice when appropriate and responding positively to the challenges of filming a live event" Dr. Simon Gilmour, Society of Antiquities