Inverness Tennis & Squash Club

Mallard Productions visited Inverness Tennis and Squash club as part of a larger project for Ricardo AEA and Resource Efficient Scotland.

We interviewed David Munro Henderson who is chair of the club and took a look around their facilities. The club was established in 1982 and also offers members and non members the chance to play Table Tennis and Racketball, as well as housing a gym, fitness studio and sauna. Our interview was focusing on what the club did to make the club more efficient with regards to insulation. David chatted to us about how they used Resource Efficient Scotland to work out ways of improving their insulation and reducing their heating and electricity costs.

We visited many more companies around Scotland to find out what they have done to reduce costs and improve the insulation of their buildings.

Client Resource Efficient Scotland
Date October 2017
File under Inverness Video Production

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