Live gigs

Live - 1

If you have a live gig coming up and would like to have it filmed then send us an email or give us a call.

Whether you need just one camera or ten cameras we can help. We can provide you with tracks and cranes to get those awesome swooping shots over the crowd. We can bring along a sound engineer and a multitrack if you would like to have each instrument individually recorded so you can mix it later in post. We can also vision mix the whole performance live and send it out to screens or live on the internet so that fans can watch from anywhere in the world.

"Scott and his team at Mallard Productions have repeatedly delivered professional well presented films for us over the years. We first started working with them over a decade ago when films about festivals were far less common and they helped write the rule book on how to deliver appealing, informative and well framed films that really capture the essence of the festivals they covered for us." Scott Williams, eFestivals