The Insomniac Project

Scottish electro band The Insomniac Project have just released their first official music video entitled ‘Vacillation’.

The video was produced by Mallard Productions and was shot on location in a warehouse in Glasgow, Scotland.  It featured the band performing and a choreographed Hula Hoop Troupe.  The music video was shot entirely in HD and also featured a bit of in camera slow motion and some slow shutter effects.  It was also the first time that we managed to mount such a large camera on a DJI Ronin and although the weight was substantial for the operator, it was definitely worth doing.

The music video has just been released via the band’s social networking streams (Facebook and Twitter) and the single is being launched to coincide with a gig at The Admiral Bar in Glasgow this Saturday night.

Client The Insomniac Project
Date April 2016
File under Music Video

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