St Clements – Car Wash Disco

Mallard Productions were delighted to be asked to produce the first official music video for emerging indie band St. Clements.

We loved Car Wash Disco from the first time we heard it and we sent the band a few different ideas that came to mind when the team first listened to it. They liked an idea we had featuring two mischievous young girls who break into a mechanics shed to stage their own disco, featuring the band.

We wanted to go for a nostalgic look, hence the hazy colour palette and vintage props and attire. We also wanted to feature a classic car and you don’t get much more stylish than a 1960’s Mark III Austin Healy. The two girls (who are sisters in real life) were absolutely fantastic and we had a blast working with them and the band.

We hope you enjoy watching the video as much as we enjoyed making it!

Client St Clements
Date December 2020
File under Music

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