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During the COVID-19 pandemic, live streaming has been a fantastic way for our clients to reach their target audiences. It provides a safe, reliable and interactive conduit to your viewers, allowing them to engage with your brand or event without leaving their own living room.

At Mallard Productions, we have been producing live streams for almost ten years now, and have broadcast everything from live music to sports events to award shows to large scale global events. Our experience has taught us a great deal over the years, and we feel this background is invaluable when producing a live event.

Ensuring everything goes smoothly during a live show is of paramount importance to us and we have a number of back-up and security measures in place. We utilise bonding technology to fuse multiple internet connections together, allowing a greater speed and security. This means if there is an issue with an internet connection then we seamlessly switch over to another connection without the viewer knowing. Similarly, we make sure we shoot with multiple cameras so you always have another angle to cut to in case a camera is blocked.

We have a huge range of equipment at our disposal to increase the production value of your live stream. As well as cameras of all different shapes and sizes we have motorised and autonomous tracks and dollies for those beautiful sliding shots, steadicams for freedom and fluidity of movement, and large jibs for creating those dramatic swooping moments and reveals. Our cameras can either be wired or work wirelessly and can be extended over long distances where necessary. As well as camera equipment, we have microphones, tally systems, radios, lights, and all sorts of specialist kit.

Our team can provide teleprompters and autocues for your presenter. These can be both manually and automatically operated and can be updated quickly for last minute changes.

Finally, we can incorporate live on screen graphics and animations to update scores, add lower third, titles, breaks and slides for the viewers or have ‘Picture in Picture’ so multiple camera angles are viewable at the same time. These can all be mixed in with live commentary and VTs using our in house vision and audio mixers.

If you would like to find out more about live streaming please feel free to get in touch.

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