Virtual Tour

Mallard Productions’ 360 degree virtual tours allow your customers to be able to view your venue at any time from the comfort of their own home.

The tours can be embedded on your website and will allow customers the freedom to move around and explore the space at their own leisure. We can integrate key places in your venue with animated information in the form of text, photographs and videos that will appear whenever they are clicked on. This interactive element is a really engaging way of showing off a venue, exhibit or building. The 6K resolution of our cameras are great for showing off the smaller details.

Our 360 cameras can also record video which is ideal for showing off an event space where a lot of activity takes place. We even have a 360 degree camera drone that can get to areas other cameras simply can’t reach. If you’re interested in having a virtual tour captured at your premises then please get in touch at or on 01412489456.

Date June 2020
File under Photography

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