The FITT Principle

In November 2016 we met with The FITT Principle’s director Stephen Fraser to discuss visualising a brief he had for a new promotional video.

The FITT Principle is based around a wide selection of unique strength and metabolic conditioning methods to revolutionise your outlook on fitness and well being. As the majority of the routines can be conducted virtually anywhere, Stephen wanted to set the video in his native Scotland.

Filming took place over a single day at a variety of locations. It was a very cold winters day and we arrived at our first location enshrouded in darkness in an attempt to capture the light from the sunrise. We had to shoot quite quickly to get through everything as the lighting tends to fade quite fast at this time of year. Thankfully, we had already been on a location scout a few weeks before so we had planned our shooting schedule well in advance.

We utilised a range of different cinematic techniques including slow motion, aerial cinematography and steadicams. The final video was released on the first of January 2017.

Date January 2017
File under Sports

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