Motorsport - 1

Next to football, Motorsport is the type of sport we have filmed the most.

Over the last eight years we’ve filmed Formula Fords, Touring Cars, Supercars, Minis, Autograss, Classics, rallying and hill climbs.

We’re used to filming in extreme conditions and we have all the necessary equipment to ensure than we can keep filming in the harshest of Scottish weathers. We have a range of equipment that is suitable for broadcast and includes shoulder mounted cameras, tripods, vision mixers, cabling, in car cameras and crew vehicles.

"I have worked with the team at Mallard for many years. They have supplied me with crew for many outside events both pre-record and live. All the crew are very familiar with current filming technology. I would recommend Mallard Productions to anyone needing a ready made crew who are prepared to film out on location no matter what the conditions" Kim Hollings, Producer, AJK TV