Scottish Championship Bike Racing

Mallard Productions have been heavily involved with the Scottish Championship Bike Racing over the last 5 years.  We provide crew and equipment for the TV company AJK TV, who produce a series broadcast on Motors TV.

There are around 32 races that take place throughout the season, featuring bikes from Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW and Yamaha in all different classes.  Our involvement includes supplying crew and equipment, in the form of Directors, Camera Operators and Camera Assistants.  We have also provided a number of cameras, tripods and various broadcast equipment over the years.

The crew are all in communication with the director and are responsible for capturing all the action that happens during each race.  The camera crew are staggered around the track at various points to ensure that the whole course is covered.  The racing is supplemented by pit-side interviews with the drivers before and after the race.

Photos supplied by Power Images.

Client AJK TV
Date January 2016
File under Sports

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