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Editing is one of the most essential skills in video production.

We offer a one day Editing Course, and two day Filming & Editing Course that both teach you the fundamentals of post production. This course is designed for aspiring video editors at a beginner or intermediate level. It will show you how to weave together a narrative to tell a story, how to slice together an interview with relevant cutaways and how to add simple effects to make your film look professional.

Our experienced crew all work within the industry and can provide you with valuable real world advice. The editing program that we will  teach you on is Adobe Premiere Pro, which is used all across the industry. Your teacher will show you how to ingest footage, arrange everything on a timeline and how to add music, voice-overs and transitions.

The course is split into the following 5 modules:

An Introduction to Editing and Workflow
The first session will cover the basics and get you familiar with working with the Premiere User Interface. Here you will learn how to import your footage and organise all your clips into bins. We will take you through some best practices and you will learn how to start creating your edits within the Premiere Timeline.

Editing Essentials
Here we will look at different editing techniques. You will learn how to assemble an edit, work with both A & B Roll, identify and use keyboard shortcuts and create a narrative to tell a story.

Audio & Colour Grading
You will learn how to add music, voice over and sound effects to your edit. We will teach you about audio ducking, different audio channels and sourcing appropriate and license free music for your films. The second half of this session will focus on colour grading. You will learn how to accurately use Premiere to solve White Balance issues, create stylistic looks and recolour entire scenes.

Effects and Graphics
The fourth session will work on effects and graphics. You will learn how to adjust Keyframes and apply simple animations, effects and transitions to your edits.

Captions / Subtitling and Exports
In the last session you will learn how to add subtitles, lower thirds and titles to your edit. Finally we will take you through the best export settings so that your video will look great without taking up too much space.

To book a session or to find out more information please contact us at info@mallardproductions.co.uk or give us a call on 01412489456.

This course is especially good if you are looking for something that will give you a bit more practical and hands on experience. Our courses run all year round and can be booked on both weekdays and weekends. If you would like to find out more please get in contact and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

One Day Course – Editing (all prices exc. VAT)

1 person – £250
2 people – £450
3 people – £600
4 people – £700
5 people – £750
6 people – £800
7 people – £850
8 people – £900

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