T in The Park

We have filmed at Scotland’s largest music festival on several occasions. It’s a great event and providing we keep all our equipment out of the mud is always good fun for the whole crew.

We originally filmed at T in the Park as part of our eFestivals coverage back in 2008, and then returned the following year for a three part special on different aspects of the event. In particular we focused on what the media do at the festival. This included a sneak peak behind the scenes with BBC3 and Paolo Nutini. Since then we have returned a few times to cover the event for bands and different publications. We have recorded a few multi-camera performances at the event and were booked by Eddie Jordan’s Eddie and The Robbers to film their set in the Pet Sounds Arena.

Our latest involvement with the festival focused on an interview with the organiser Geoff Ellis. We have yet to cover the event at the new site but we’re sure it won’t be too long before we’re back at T in the Park trying to clean the mud off our tripods!

Client eFestivals
Date February 2016
File under Festivals

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