Victoria’s Flight – Last Days of Summer

Mallard Productions were chosen by Victoria’s Flight to produce a new music video for their latest single ‘Last Days of Summer’.

We opted for a very summery beach-inspired music video with lots of warm and amber tones, to mimic the style of the song. As anyone who has produced a video in Scotland will know, the weather is far from predictable and we spent a lot of time waiting for the best lighting and making sure we could capture that golden hour. We also had some issues with midges attacking both our cameraman and our actors during the beach shots. At some points the midges were so bad that we had to digitally remove them in post production, which was a painstaking process for our editor.

The two actors that we picked for the video were also a couple in real life so the simple boy meets girl narrative was very easy to convey. Unsurprisingly, the shot where our lead actress gets bitten by a rehomed Rhea wasn’t planned but we decided to keep it in the final edit anyway. Don’t worry, she wasn’t hurt!

The band timed the release of the music video with the single launch, using it in their social media channels and on Youtube.




Client Victoria's Flight
Date December 2019
File under Music Video

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