MSA British Rallycross

  • camera rain

Mallard Productions provided crew members to assist with Digitex TV’s coverage of the Toyo Tires MSA British Rallycross Championship in 2018.

We were filming on two dates at The Croft Racing Circuit near Darlington in England. Both dates provided us with very different challenges. The first was extremely bright and dusty, and trackside filming proved quite difficult at times. The second date was the exact opposite, with the cameras being pelted by wind and rain. Luckily we were filming on sturdy P2 cameras so the wind wasn’t nearly as big an issue as it could have been. However, the amount of rain and spray from the cars made filming a bit of a nightmare. It did make for some very exciting racing though!

Once filming has been completed Digitex put together a highlights programme that is broadcast on BT Sport and Motors TV. You can also watch some of the footage online.

Client Digitex
Date August 2018
File under Motorsport

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