University of Stirling – Sports Announcement

In September the University of Stirling were announced Sports University of the Year for 2019 by The Times. Mallard Productions were invited by the University to produce a film to mark this achievement. We had an action packed day filming some of the University’s upcoming athletes, from swimming and football to tennis and golf.

We wanted to create a film that was fast-paced and cuts quickly from one activity to another. Maintaining a quick momentum throughout the edit was really important for the overall energy of the video. We had to be quite creative to capture some of the more dynamic shots.  One particular scene involved attaching a gimbal to a jib arm and suspending this over the swimming pool whilst the crew ran along the edge of the pool.

The video was published on Stirling University’s social media platforms to a very positive response, gaining tens of thousands of views in the first 24 hours.

Client University of Stirling
Date December 2019
File under Stirling Video Production

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